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Never Say Never…


September 25, 2015

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Discovering My Love of Wedding Photography

I don’t know that I said I would never shoot a wedding, but I know that I definitely said, repeatedly I might add, “I don’t shoot weddings.” When I first started my photography business, so many of my family and friends would say, “you should shoot weddings!” I would shake my head no.

It wasn’t because I don’t like weddings (I happen to love them!). It was because wedding photography seemed too intimidating. It required gear, which I didn’t have at the time. It required experience with a wide variety of lighting and locations, which I also didn’t have. It required marking up your calendar many months (sometimes over a year) in advance, which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. For these and a few other reasons, I truly felt wedding photography wasn’t for me, but there was a love of weddings inside of me. I mean, I’m the girl that was reading Martha Stewart Weddings in high school just because I loved wedding imagery.

A few months back, I shared about my experience of getting to be a second shooter at two of my cousins weddings (one in Mobile and one in Memphis). These weddings were my fourth and fifth weddings to second shoot and I am forever grateful to the photographers that welcomed me shooting alongside them. One of those photographers is the amazingly sweet and talented Jennie Tewell of Jennie Tewell Photography here in Mobile.

I first met Jennie, who I now consider a dear friend, one year ago today when I went with Amber, my cousin, for her wedding photography consultation. I had found Jennie’s website and loved her work, so I recommended her to Amber for her wedding. By the end of the consultation, Amber had made up her mind to hire Jennie and Jennie and I later met up for coffee to chat about photography. A few months later, when I saw Jennie was looking to hire an associate wedding photographer for her business, I threw caution to the wind and submitted an application. Crazy, right? After all this time of turning my back on weddings, why would I apply for such a job? Well, as the saying goes, timing is everything.

I truly think wedding photography found me at the right time. I absolutely love working with Jennie and it is largely because of her (and Amber of course) that I found my love of wedding photography. I was hooked from the first wedding I second shot with Jennie and I am so excited to be working as an associate wedding photographer at Jennie Tewell Photography, in addition to continuing my work with my own photography business. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since I started on this journey to wedding photography. I leave you with some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken as a second shooter/associate for Jennie Tewell Photography. I loved every one of these weddings and being part of these wedding days. I’m so thankful to Jennie for letting me share these here. Enjoy and remember to never say never… 😉

Want me to be your photographer for your wedding day? Feel free to contact me for more information and be sure to check out more of my wedding portfolio on Jennie’s site.

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  1. Jennie Tewell says:

    You are so incredibly talented!!!! I absolutely LOVE working with you!!!

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