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Rachel + Alex | Engaged


July 1, 2017

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Bayside Engagement | Fairhope, AL

When I sat down with Rachel and Alex to chat about their wedding a few months ago, the first thing that I noticed is that they are not only both down to earth, but they are both on the same page about everything they want for their wedding day. As they shared with me that they want to keep things simple so that the focus is on their marriage and vows, I couldn’t help but smile as they finished each others’ sentences. So it didn’t surprise me one bit when they added that they pretty much knew they were meant for each other from the moment they met at a Michael Jackson tribute concert, each asking mutual friends to introduce them to each other. How sweet is that???!!!

We first scheduled their engagement session for early June, hoping to get it in before the heat of the summer arrived, but we ended up needing to reschedule. As the back up date drew near, I began to worry we’d be facing a rain out. Luckily, Rachel practically read my mind and emailed me to see if we could push their session back one day because cooler temps and lower humidity were in the forecast for the day after their session was scheduled to be held. I just happened to have the following day open on my calendar and we made the decision to delay by one day. The whole thing was seriously meant-to-be because we had the most perfect weather!

The light could not have been more beautiful, or the sunset more dramatic the day of their engagement session. There was also a lovely breeze in the air, which helped keep us cool and added some extra drama and what I call “model hair” to their session. As our time together came to an end, I didn’t want to stop shooting because the sunset was just BEYOND amazing. I asked Rachel and Alex if they had a few extra minutes for some extra shots that showcased the sky and they immediately said yes. This was definitely one of those “the stars aligned and it was perfection” moments.

Getting to know my couples during their engagement session is one of my favorite parts of working with brides and grooms. I love the little details that I learn during these sessions. As we were walking to the car, Alex mentioned he was wearing the same jacket that he wore the night he asked Rachel to be his wife and Rachel shared that the hat she brought to the session was purchased on the same trip when he proposed. These special details just make these photos even more special to them because they will have many memories that they recall when they look at them. I like to think of photographs as windows to memories that are meant to be shared and passed down to future generations. Rachel even said to me as we were taking these photos, “Our future children will see these photos one day!” It just made my heart so happy to hear her say that because that is why I love engagement sessions so much. Yes, these photos are taken to celebrate the “here and now” of the engagement, but they’re also for the future and meant to be treasured.

Thank you Rachel and Alex for an AMAZING session! I’m so looking forward to your wedding this fall!

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  1. K. Granade says:

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful story❤️

  2. Sarah says:

    These are stunning!!!

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Can’t wait until September!!! 😍💃🏼👰🏻💑

  4. Emmy granade says:

    What beautiful people and pictures!!! 😍

  5. G. Gates says:

    Great pictures!

  6. M. Cannon says:

    Wonderful photographs and a wonderful couple!

  7. Amber King says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful couple!

  8. Such gorgeous photography. How can you possibly choose between all these beautiful photos? Absolutely lovely. Beautiful couple. Congrats and Best Wishes on a long and wonderful marriage.

  9. C Gates says:

    Congratulations and best wishes. You both look so happy.

  10. A. Gates says:

    Wow! In which magazine will these be featured? Just beautiful 😊

  11. Karla says:

    So happy for you both! Stunning photos!!!

  12. cynthia gage says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!!! I am so happy for Alex and his stunning bride to be!

  13. Lauren says:

    These are beautiful!!

  14. Cassy Cooper says:


  15. Mitzi says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  16. Karen says:

    Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous couple!

  17. Ashley says:

    GOREGOUS photos!!! Y’all make a stunning couple! 😘

  18. Jessie says:

    LOVE these and LOVE you guys! Can’t wait for September!

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