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William | Class of 2019


August 16, 2018

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Downtown Mobile Senior Portraits

William’s mom contacted me for a senior portrait session for her son the same day as Megan’s mom. Two senior portrait sessions in a row. I was excited! I LOVE photographing high school seniors. Both moms booked sessions with me the same day, within only a few minutes of each other. I opened up each contract to enter their contact information in my client management system and discovered both live on the same street! Crazy, right? Well it gets crazier!

Both moms also put on their initial contact form that they found out about me via word of mouth. One must of have gotten my name from the other was my initial thought, but at Megan’s session she didn’t mention giving my name to anyone. Then, at William’s session, his mom told me how they found out about me and it wasn’t from Megan. Finally, I had to tell Karla, William’s mom, about the crazy coincidence. And would you believe that these two booked their sessions completely unaware the other had booked a session with me. And they are in fact neighbors and their children grew up together. Is that the smallest of small world stories, or what?!

On top of that crazy coincidence, Karla found out about me through yet another neighbor connection! This time the connection was with a neighbor that used to live in the neighborhood I grew up in. She was a friend of my moms and although she moved away from the neighborhood before I was old enough to remember her, I’ve always known her name because mom always said she was the friend who taught her how to hang wallpaper. As Karla told me about her friend, she said, you probably won’t recognize this name…and as soon as the name came out of her mouth, I exclaimed, “The wallpaper lady!!!” Needless to say, this session was off to such a fun start and we ended up discovering we have yet another mutual friend in common before the session was over.

William is a basketball player and let me tell you he has the height for it! I loved that he brought a basketball to his session in downtown Mobile. Shooting in downtown really is so much fun. There are so many different areas and you can get a variety of backgrounds in one block alone. William wanted a city setting for his session, so my ultimate goal was to get us down to Cooper-Riverside Park so that we could really showcase the buildings of the city. Just as we arrived at the park, a train decided to come along and block the entrance. I felt a few rain drops and was worried the weather would end our session before the train moved on. But it turned out to be fortuitous because the rain brought the perfect amount of clouds over the sky that made for some fun portraits!

I love senior portrait sessions because they let me be creative with whatever the senior brings to their shoot. I get to showcase different sides of their personalities and I enjoy hearing their ideas for their portraits. Thank you William for such a fun shoot!

I saw the texture of this wall and knew I needed to stop for some black and white portraits! This is one of those times where I saw the image in black and white more than color. For my photographer friends, these shots were lit with a bit of on-camera flash to add a bit of dramatic side light. They turned out to be two of my favorites from the whole shoot!

I am obsessed with this metal wall/siding!

Another moment of me “seeing” in black and white. When I spotted this parking garage area I made a quick detour for some more dramatic portraits. William totally nailed the “model face” expression. I told his mom that I think he might have missed his calling!

William is a pro at spinning the ball and nailing the “model face” expression at the same time!

teenage boy with basketball with city skyline in background

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