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Kate + Patrick | Engaged


November 26, 2018

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A Silverhill Alabama Engagement

I’ve been sick for the last week. But even a sinus infection couldn’t put a damper on my excitement about this fall engagement session! When I woke up last Tuesday morning, I realized I needed to go straight to the urgent care clinic. I had Kate and Patrick’s engagement session scheduled for that afternoon. As I sat waiting for the doctor, I worried I might have to reschedule. I can’t ever recall having to reschedule a session due to being sick. I’ve done several shoots while sick, but always made it through. I guess I’ve just been lucky all these years, or maybe it’s the antioxidants in the herbal tea I’m so fond of drinking. To say I felt miserable on Tuesday is an major understatement. If you’ve never had a sinus infection, consider yourself lucky. They are the WORST.

I broke down and sent Kate a message asking if we could reschedule. She and Patrick were in town for the Thanksgiving holidays, but I didn’t realize beforehand that they were leaving on Wednesday morning to drive to Huntsville to be with Patrick’s family. I told the doctor I needed something to make me feel better as soon as possible! Enter the steroid shot and instructions to hydrate and rest.

When I found out Kate and Patrick wouldn’t be back in town until February, I told them we’d still try to get the session in as planned. I laid on the couch the entire day until it was time to leave for the session. My sweet mom offered to drive me to the session and I took her up on the offer. Kate promised that she and Patrick would say prayers for me. I didn’t have much of a voice, but I was determined to make sure this sweet couple had a great engagement session experience!

The steroid shot started taking effect about the time I arrived at Kate’s family property. The light was so golden and perfect! This was not my first time to visit this gorgeous property in the tiny town of Silverhill. I photographed Kate’s sister’s wedding at the family’s farm last year, as well as her engagement and bridal sessions. It’s one of my favorite private properties I’ve ever had the privilege to visit. Despite being feeling awful, I was so excited to get to do photos at this beautiful place again! Kate and Patrick even made me a get well basket, full of satsumas, natural cough drops and herbal tea. I truly have the kindest and most thoughtful clients in the world! Then Kate surprised me with the news that the cotton on their property had not yet been harvested and we could do part of the session in that field!!!

Kate and Patrick are truly such a joyful couple. They met at Auburn University, where they’re both studying Civil Engineering. Kate says she was lucky to end up in a group with Patrick because that was where their friendship began. During the time they’ve been dating, Kate and Patrick have made many trips to Birmingham and Huntsville. On the path they take back to Auburn, there is a patch of trees that marks the final leg of the ride home. Kate says she has always loved those trees. The day Patrick asked her to be his wife, he drove her out to that special spot. Unbeknownst to Kate, he’d gotten permission from the property owners to string twinkle lights amongst the trees. He’d also filled the spot with pictures and snacks. How romantic is that?!

Kate says her mind is a blur over what happened as soon as they got out of the car. Patrick walked her out to the trees and asked her to marry him. She said yes right away. “Easiest yes of my life,” she said when we talked. She also said she hasn’t stopped smiling since the proposal and I’m happy to say that those smiles were still present throughout their entire engagement session. I just love this sweet family so much and it is such an honor to work with them again. If you love dreamy light, cotton fields and romantic portraits, this post is for you!

Kate loves oysters shells and driftwood. She brought both to her engagement session so I could use them for ring shots! I love a girl who loves tiny details like that as much as me and I can’t wait to see her incorporate elements like this into her wedding day!

This property is quite large! We couldn’t have made it to all these awesome spots without the help of Kate’s sister, Lizy. She drove us around for the whole shoot so that we could fit in as much as possible. If I hadn’t been sick, I probably would have remembered to snap a behind-the-scenes photo of our sweet chauffeur! It seems like yesterday that she was the one in front of my camera for her engagement session!

Dreamy light, romantic portraits and Southern snow. What could be better?!

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