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Behind the Scenes | 2018

Behind the Scenes

December 28, 2018

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal of the latest going on here at Elizabeth Gelineau Photography. Stay a while and say hello!




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What You Didn’t See Before

Wedding days can fly by in a blur. Sometimes, right after the couple makes their grand exit from the reception, I find myself wondering how the day went by so quickly. I can only imagine how my brides and grooms feel! Thankfully, we have the photos to remind us of all those fleeting moments and tiny details. When I sort through all the photos taken on a wedding day, I have a folder that I label “Behind the Scenes” for those special shots that won’t make it into my clients’ final galleries, but will make it into this year-end wrap up blog post.

I am usually horrified by the photos I see of myself in “wedding day mode” because for some reason I often look mad. My cheeks hurt from smiling a lot at the end of every wedding, but that smile never seems to be showing in the behind-the-scenes snaps. I also notice that my camera bag causes me to have terrible posture. Definitely something to work on for next year! Despite my horror at looking at photos of myself, these behind-the-scenes shots remind me of how blessed I am to work with such amazing people on wedding days. They help me do my job well and they also help make the days fun. Enjoy this look at our year from a different perspective than you’ve seen before!

I begin almost every wedding day by photographing details in the bridal suite. This is the portion of the day that takes more time than everyone thinks. Styling details is time consuming and requires concentration. I usually focus on those shots while my second photographer takes candids of the bride finishing up her hair and makeup. The dress is usually the first detail I photograph. Finding a place to hang it can be tricky sometimes!

My assistant (and cousin!), Allyson, mans my phone on wedding days. It helps keep me in touch with the wedding planner and my second photographer if we’re all at different locations.

Sometimes she’s an impromptu babysitter. Her two nephews have given her a lot of practice!

We spend the day taking photos, but we also spend a lot of time helping our brides with their dresses.

I have exactly four dresses that I wear to work a wedding…two for spring/summer and two for fall/winter. So if it weren’t for the brides and grooms looking different, you’d think from these photos that I only worked two weddings this year. Allyson has a much more diverse wedding day wardrobe. Maybe I need to have her be my personal shopper as well…

We do a lot of light testing…because nice even lighting is essential for First Looks and portrait time!

My second photographers and assistants also help me get those romantic veil shots that we all love!

And they help me stay on time and remember any important photo requests!

I love all aspects of a wedding day, but the ceremony is ultimately the reason we are there in the first place. My favorite moments on wedding days usually occur during the ceremony. You just can’t beat the joy of those moments!

Did I mention that we think about cake…all day long?

We’ll even help you cut it if you ask! 😉

Side note, sometimes I look REALLY MAD when I look at the back of my camera. I promise that I’m perfectly happy. I just don’t seem to smile when I’m thinking about my camera settings.

Even when I’m frowning at my camera, I’m still like this on the inside!

When it comes to receptions, we don’t fear the dance floor.

And we LOVE Second Lines and grand exits!

Jacob has worked more weddings with me this year than any other second photographer. After a couple years of working together, he practically reads my mind by this point, which is both scary and amazing! He’s usually the one to take individual bridal party portraits, while I focus on the group shots. He’s also a frequent light tester.

Debby was one of my 2018 brides and one of my second photographers this year! She is also my dear friend. I know she’s been secretly waiting for me to share this photo all year long! 😉

We take our jobs very seriously, but we also like to have fun! One time, Jacob couldn’t find me and Allyson in the bridal suite because we were hidden by a wall of dresses! In addition to Jacob and Debby, I also got to work with two other second photographers this year! Anna Filly and Alyx Gardner helped me out during the spring busy season. It was such a treat to work with new friends!

Jacob’s sweet wife, Aubrey, even joined me for a wedding as an assistant!

It was so fun working with both of the Bennetts!

Jacob and Allyson were by my side for the majority of my wedding days. I am so thankful to work with both of them!!! They both have hearts for service and help me take such good care of my clients. They also understand my addiction to Perrier and peanut butter sandwiches. No bride wants a photographer who is thirsty and hangry.

To all of the lovely people who have been following my work for the last year, or years, thank you! I so appreciate you following along! To all of my sweet clients, thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives in this special way! It is truly an honor and a joy to get to serve you! Thank you for making 2018 the best year yet for my photography business! Happy New Year!

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