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Aimee + Jonathan | Married


March 6, 2019

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Bicentennial Park Bay Minette Alabama Wedding

It’s always special when a bride is escorted down the aisle by her father. It’s even more special (and emotional!) when she is also walked down the aisle by her son. Add to that a little white chapel, the most adorable flower girl and ring bearers, and the fact that the children of the bride and the groom served as the bridal party…it just doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Talk about the perfect way to kick off the spring wedding season!

Aimee is also a photographer and she had a clear vision for her wedding day. I knew it would be beautiful and it was everything I imagined! Bicentennial Park is such a lovely spot for a wedding. When I pulled into the drive, I could immediately see why Aimee chose the chapel for her ceremony. The park is a photographer’s dream!

A few days before the wedding, Aimee sent me a note saying that they had found the perfect vintage car to be their transportation for the wedding day. The car was originally made for the producer of the film Casablanca. And, get this, the producer of the film and Humphrey Bogart road in this very car to the Academy Awards in 1941! I am obsessed with old Hollywood films, so I of course squealed when I read that message. Jonathan knows the car’s current owner, who also volunteered to be their chauffeur for the day. Being able to incorporate this beauty into bride and groom portrait time was such a treat!

The reception was nearly over when I noticed the sunshine beginning to stream through the trees. The golden light caught the Spanish moss and made it glimmer. The reflection on the pond at Live Oak Landing made the scene look like a watercolor painting. This is the light that every photographer wants for her wedding day. This is the light that makes my heart skip a beat and makes me squeal with delight. We had already taken a lot of portraits throughout the day, but there’s no way I wasn’t going to ask Aimee if she wanted to take just a few more.

Thankfully, Aimee took one look at the golden light and she was game for some bonus portrait time. Such. A. Dream. I have a lot of favorites from this day, but you definitely want to scroll all the way through this post to see the magical portraits we took during golden hour. You can’t plan moments like this. They just happen. And when they do, you thank God for the gift of making it all possible. Congratulations Aimee and Jonathan!

Jonathan’s dad, who is a preacher, officiated the ceremony. During the vows, the light started streaming through the stained-glass windows, creating an ethereal glow around the couple. It was stunning!

At the reception, Jonathan asked everyone to gather for a toast. I cannot do justice to his eloquent words by paraphrasing what he said. But I can tell you there was not a dry eye to be found. Thankfully, Jonathan’s sister filmed the whole thing on her phone!


Ceremony | Bicentennial Park – Bay Minette, Ala.

Reception | Live Oak Landing

Caterer | Smokin’ Gringos

Florist | Rose Bud Flowers

Cake Artist | Victoria Gaston, Underground Custom Cakes

Hair Stylist | Vanna Uptgraft

Makeup Artist | Teddy Michaels

DJ | Eddie Burns

Bride’s Gown | Cassandra Grace

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