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Katherine + Phillip | Engaged


October 29, 2019

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal of the latest going on here at Elizabeth Gelineau Photography. Stay a while and say hello!




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My Sister is Getting Married!

My parents and I first met my sister’s boyfriend, now fiancĂ©, at a McGill-Toolen football game. It was Homecoming weekend and we were all going to the festivities before the game. We waited on the sidewalk for Katherine and Phillip to arrive. It looked like it was about to storm.

They pulled into the parking lot just as the first rumble of thunder sounded through the sky. As they approached, I suddenly felt indecisive on whether or not I should hold out my hand to shake his, or if I should go in for the hug. I am a hugger by nature, but I didn’t know how he’d feel about that. Phillip walked up and Katherine introduced him to my parents. Mom went in for a hug and so did Phillip. This guy is going to fit in just fine, I thought to myself.

It did rain that night and we soon found ourselves seeking shelter under the tents at the football stadium along with several hundred other McT fans. Dad and Phillip talked the entire time. Another good sign because if you know my dad you know he is a talker. The rain eventually stopped and the game went on as planned. It’s hard to get to know someone sitting in the stands if you’re not sitting right next to them. But even so, by the end of that night I was pretty certain I’d just met my future brother-in-law.

A Bayside Proposal

A little over a month ago Phillip asked my dad’s blessing before proposing to Katherine. He wanted to ask her on a weekend when I wasn’t working a wedding so that we could all be together to celebrate afterwards. Yes, he is super thoughtful and considerate! I found out about the proposal plan less than two weeks from the date, but oh my goodness it was one hard secret to keep. I was about to burst with excitement!

Phillip devised a plan that would involve my parents and I joining him and Katherine for dinner at Sunset Pointe, one of our favorite restaurants in Fairhope, Ala. Katherine would think it was a regular family dinner, except we would never actually be joining them at the restaurant. Phillip hired a photographer (Katherine would have been WAY too suspicious if she saw me there with my camera) and planned the timing out to the minute. They would arrive at the restaurant and then he would propose. After the proposal she would realize we weren’t coming to dinner.

As luck would have it, Katherine and Phillip arrived at the restaurant earlier than planned. Katherine thought we were on the way as well, so of course she sends a text to my mom asking where we are. Then she asks if we’ve made it to Daphne yet. We sensed she was starting to wonder why we were so far behind them. The whole time we are back in Mobile and she has no idea that Phillip is stalling to give the photographer time to arrive! My mom and I definitely had our patience tested during that few minutes of wait time. Of course Dad was cool as a cucumber.

Suddenly the texting stopped. “It’s happening,” we exclaimed. And then we waited for the phone to ring.

Finally, Katherine called with the news! It was such an exciting moment! While Katherine and Phillip enjoyed a dinner together, we headed downtown to Dauphin’s to meet up with Phillip’s family so that we could all congratulate them together. This part was still a surprise to Katherine until they headed back to Mobile. It was such a special night and we of course loved filling Katherine in on the back story of the surprise. She did forgive us for telling a few white lies in order to help Phillip pull off the perfect proposal! And perfect is exactly what it was! Here we all are after dessert and drinks that night.

An Orange Beach Alabama Engagement Session

Katherine and Phillip love the beach, so we headed down to Orange Beach for their engagement session. I was so excited to get to take these portraits for them! If you’re wondering, I’m not their wedding photographer. Katherine is my only sibling, so I want to fully devote myself to the role of bridesmaid, daughter and sister on that day. I also want to enjoy being part of the moment and not worrying about logistics of photography.

Thankfully, Katherine and Phillip chose the talented and sweet Justine & Wayne to photograph their wedding day. I know that it will be captured beautifully! I also made sure to tell Katherine and Phillip to have an engagement session with them too. It is so important to work with your wedding photographer ahead of wedding day, even if you’ve already had an engagement session with someone else.

Katherine and Phillip, it was a joy and an honor to take these portraits for you! I love you both so much and look forward to wedding day next year!

We used up every last ounce of light and this was the view as we headed back to the car! The beach in autumn is definitely my favorite!

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