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Savannah | Azalea Trail Maid


April 28, 2021

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A Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Portrait Session

I have been looking forward to taking Savannah’s Azalea Trail Maid portraits for an entire year! Seriously, this session was originally scheduled for April 2020. We all know why it didn’t end up happening then. What was planned as a kick off to Savannah’s year serving as an Azalea Trail Maid, turned into an end of the year celebration shoot.

First the pandemic, and then the crazy Mobile weather, forced us to reschedule this shoot multiple times. I was so glad we finally got a chance to get this session in last week! I love taking portraits for any Azalea Trail Maid, but I especially love it when their dress is my favorite color! Savannah’s dress has a lace waterfall in back and features a design of graduated ruffles. It was absolutely gorgeous!

We did this session at The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion in Mobile and it truly is the perfect setting for Azalea Trail Maid portraits! Savannah told me she loves the Haint Blue porch ceiling. Her only request during the session was to get a shot that somehow showcased this ceiling. Her request inspired me to take one of my favorite portraits ever during the shoot!

Savannah is such a sweet young lady and is excited to head off to college in the fall. She dreams of one day becoming a plastic surgeon! With her positive attitude and cheerful spirit, I have no doubt she will achieve any goals she sets for herself! Congratulations Savannah on serving the City of Mobile on the 2020 – 2021 Azalea Trail Court!


All About the Pantaloons

The pantaloons the Azalea Trail Maids wear under their hoop skirts are just about the cutest thing ever! They also have interchangeable, customized pockets so the girls have some place to stash their keys, phone, lip gloss, and anything else they might need during an appearance. The very last thing we did before ending this shoot was to take some pantaloon pictures and they are seriously some of my favorites!

Savannah represented Satsuma High School on the 2020 – 2021 Azalea Trail Court. Her dress was designed and made by Mrs. Elsie Yates and Mrs. Judy Lott.

  1. Donna Ramer says:

    Elizabeth, thank you so much for giving Savannah the finale she deserved! It’s been a crazy year, and this was truly a beautiful memory to end upon. We are tickled blue!

    Savannah and Donna

  2. Kip K. says:

    Stunningly southern. The photographs create images of splendor and beauty in an era truly gone with the wind. The subject was born in the wrong period of life. I would have personally challenged the privilege of being a name on her dance card at one of the County’s spectacular opulent cotillion balls. The swishing of this skirt would have her beaux mesmerized.

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