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Maia | Azalea Trail Portraits


March 18, 2022

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A Downtown Mobile Portrait Session

Being an Azalea Trail Maid is more than just wearing a pretty dress. The ladies who are chosen to serve on the court each year are ambassadors for the City of Mobile. They are instantly recognizable because their dresses stand out in a crowd due to both style and color. Seeing a group of Trail Maids together at an event is a pretty sight!

While they look to be identical from far away, a closer look at each lady’s dress shows insight to her personality. The young ladies chosen for the Azalea Trail Court get to work with dress designers who customize the dresses – from the embroidery to the ruffles, the details are exquisite. I always love getting to see these dresses up close. I can only imagine the hours of work that goes into each one!

Showcasing Our City

I was so excited that Maia wanted to take her Azalea Trail Maid portraits in downtown Mobile. What better place could there be for capturing photos of an Azalea Trail Maid, right?! Her mom and I discussed possible locations and decided to meet up at Cooper-Riverside Park. The park not only has a view of the water, but it also is a great spot for getting portraits showing the downtown skyline. Maia’s mom actually works in one of the buildings that was in the background of several of the portraits. I love that they love our city as much as I do!

It was a treat getting to photograph Maia downtown and to incorporate some Mobile landmarks into her portraits. As we meandered around to different spots, cars would frequently honk their horns and wave at us. I kept asking Maia, “Do you know them?” She would giggle and shake her head no. I then realized that walking with an Azalea Trail Maid is sort of like being spotted with a celebrity! Everyone we passed smiled at us, or stared with confusion. If you’re stumbling upon this post and are wondering what in the world an Azalea Trail Maid is, I encourage you to read more on the Azalea Trail Maid website at this link.

Maia is the First Lady in Waiting on the current Azalea Trail Court and to say she was a delight to photograph is an understatement! It is always such an honor to get to photograph one of these lovely young ladies who represent our city so well. Maia, thank you for such a fun shoot and enjoy the rest of your time as an Azalea Trail Maid!

Y’all know I love soft dreamy light, but the sun was in and out during this session and I loved capturing some of that gorgeous blue sky and the waterfront view at Cooper-Riverside Park!

Maia is representing Faith Academy on the 2021-2022 Azalea Trail Court. Her dress was made by Rita Monroe.

  1. Terry Triche says:

    Maia is my great nice. Thank you for capturing her in this beautiful time of her life. The pictures were absolutely stunning. I could not pick a favorite.

  2. Debi Stringfellow Hawk says:

    I rarely use “stunning” as an adjective, but it fits in this case. Maia has always been stunning, and I have every confidence that her future will be the same. #stillholduinmyheart

  3. Evelyn says:

    Wonderful pictures capturing Mia’s personality and perfection. Showcasing the city of Mobile. We are so proud of her accomplishments. The future is all yours!! πŸ’•

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