Charley | Bridal Portraits

  1. Connie Powell says:

    Elizabeth, I am so thankful that God led Charley to chose you as her photographer. You are simply AMAZING! From the first time that we met your genuine smile was just a foretaste of your kindness. You made Charley feel special at every session. Your encouragement made everything so joyful. It was so easy to be happy and smile while you took the pictures. You have a God given talent and I cannot thank you enough for being such an important part of my daughter’s dream. You definitely helped to make it a reality and because of you we will be able to recapture the magic and remember the joyful times.

    • Elizabeth Gelineau says:

      Connie, I’m so glad God made our paths cross! It was such a joyful day!!! Thank you for your kind words. <3

  2. Kathryn Long says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! Charley is an amazing young lady and we are honored and blessed to have her as part of our family now. I for one am happy to be able to call her my niece. I wish Ethan and Charley many many years of happiness together. These pictures are amazing and beautiful. You can see the glow of joy and happiness all over Charley’s face.

  3. Sharon Mason says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful setting and most certainly a beautiful bride.

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