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Katie + J.R. | Engaged


September 26, 2018

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A Spring Hill College Engagement

They first met while touring the Spring Hill College campus as high school seniors. Katie says that is when their friendship began. During their sophomore year, they both lived in O’Leary Hall. Their rooms were a floor apart, one right above the other. There was a spark from the beginning, but neither ever admitted to the other that they felt something more than friendship. Katie told me when we met for her consultation that J.R. says there was one time that he almost broke down and told her how he felt about her. They were sitting in a stairwell and, for a moment, he thought of throwing caution to the wind and admitting to Katie that she had his heart. He wanted to kiss her, but he hesitated and the moment passed.

Both Katie and J.R. ended up dating other people. All the while they were still friends. After graduation, life took them separate ways. When their paths crossed again and they realized they were each still single, J.R. decided he wasn’t about to let a second chance pass him by. They both admitted their true feelings to each other and before they knew it, J.R. was asking Katie to be his wife! Katie’s mom told me she always knew J.R. was the one. Katie just had a different way about her when he was around. Don’t you just love how moms always know!!!

When we started discussing location options for Katie and J.R.’s engagement session, Spring Hill College was at the top of the list. It’s where they met and fell in love. It’s such a part of their story. The day of the session arrived and we had the most gorgeous golden light. Then it started raining. For the second day in a row I was thankful for having that clear, bubble umbrella in my car. I love Katie and J.R.’s joyful spirits and how they did not let the rain keep them from fully enjoying their engagement session. These two could not stop smiling! I know they will be so much fun to photograph on wedding day!

I love when I ask my couples to dance for a minute! It leads to shots like this one that you totally can’t pose or plan. I can’t wait for their first dance on wedding day!

Also, they brought the most adorable dogs to their shoot! I’m thinking I’m going to have to do a year-end blog post for all my furry clients!

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  1. JR Valdez says:

    It was amazing shooting with you!

  2. Katie says:

    Elizabeth is a SAINT! I never knew I was photogenic lol. These are the best photos I’ve ever taken!! Thank you for everything 😊

  3. Shirley Valdez says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple❤

  4. Diane Valdez- Stewart says:

    My grandson has given me a beautiful granddaughter and now our family is double blessed. As I looked thru these awesome pictures I thought each one was my favorite. I loved the black and white the one with the umbrella heading to church. You do beautiful work and I just love real love stories thanks for adding J.R. and Katies… A blessed Nanny

  5. Jamie says:

    Aww!! A beautiful love story for A beautiful couple💝!! I love all these pictures.

  6. Suzanne Valdez says:

    Love all the beautiful pictures of a great couple!!

  7. Laurie Kranz says:

    Such a beautiful love story! Enjoyed every photo!

  8. Sheila says:

    Beautiful pictures of two very special people. Congratulations guys.

  9. Patty Stewart says:

    Such beautiful photos of a beautiful couple who are loved so much. Elizabeth is such a talented photographer.

  10. Gracie Feeney says:

    such a beautiful couple!!! love you both!

  11. Kristin says:

    What amazing pictures!!! Beautiful. Perfect couple!!!

  12. Jessica Cospelich says:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Congrats!!

  13. Connie Ladner says:

    Wonderful pictures…It would be difficult to choose! We are so happy for you both, and hope you enjoy every moment as you prepare for your wedding day!

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