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Best of Weddings 2022


December 29, 2022

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal of the latest going on here at Elizabeth Gelineau Photography. Stay a while and say hello!




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My Favorite Bride + Groom Portraits from the Year

What a year it has been! After two years that felt like a roller coaster ride, 2022 started to feel like we were back in the good old days of weddings as they were pre-pandemic. This year’s calendar was full of weddings that had me working at some of my favorite venues with some of my favorite wedding vendors.

This was also my first time to travel overnight to photograph a wedding. Traveling outside of the Mobile, Alabama area for a wedding is definitely not my norm, but I made an exception to photograph my cousin’s wedding and it was such a special experience. I am still so thankful to my friends, Alexis and Regina, for making this trip with me and helping me photograph this day!

The couples that I got to work with this year were seriously awesome! In addition to a family wedding this year, some couples were longtime friends, some were friends from church, and others were couples I just met as their photographer, but they felt like lifelong friends five minutes after we met. It always amazes me when that happens!

Summing Up 2022

Words fail me when it comes to summing up this year. Each of these couples is special to me and I’m thankful to have been part of each of these weddings. I feel like the year flew by. When I see all the 2023 wedding inquiries flooding my Inbox, I have to pause and remind myself that 2022 is already at an end! How did that happen?

Each year I choose one favorite photo from each wedding for this year-end recap post, but this year I decided to share two photos from each wedding because I couldn’t make myself stick to just one.

Y’all, my brides LOVE portraits that showcase the wedding veil. I just get so excited when they love these photos as much as I do! For this reason, there are many portraits in this post that highlight the gorgeous veils chosen by my brides!

I also love how JOYFUL these wedding days were. Even when it was hot, or rainy, or cold…these couples let their love for each other shine! Capturing that joy and love is the BEST part of my job. Cheers to 2022 and all these lovely couples!

Grace + Connor

Katie + Jacob

Cara + Austin

MaryClair + Hayden

Alex + James

Kim + Kelly

Emily + Brett

Kaitlyn + Robbie

Kelly + Joey

Amber + Christian

Lauren + Chris

Zelda + Graham

Caroline + Thomas

Margaret + Pat

Sarah + Dan

Monica + Nhan

Erin + Austin

Jessica + Kevin

Jessica + Harry


Katy + Mikey

I have one more year-end wrap up post headed your way soon! Get ready for all the behind-the-scenes photos that you didn’t see in this year’s wedding blog posts. I also want to give a massive shoutout to those who worked with me as second photographers and assistants this year, including Regina, Lauren, Alexis, Kelly, Jessica, Taylor, Hailey, Ian, and Alina.

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I'm Elizabeth and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal of the latest here at Elizabeth Gelineau Photography. Stay a while and say hello!

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