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January 6, 2023

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal of the latest going on here at Elizabeth Gelineau Photography. Stay a while and say hello!




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What You Didn’t See in 2022

I have an awesome team of people that help me serve my clients well on wedding days. In 2022, Regina and Lauren were with me on almost every single wedding. I can’t say enough good things about these ladies and how blessed I am to have them in my life. They practically read my mind at this point. When I’m talking and not making sense because it’s the end of a 12-hour day, they still know what I’m trying to communicate. They work so hard to make sure my couples, their families and friends have a great wedding day experience.

Throughout the year, we grab behind the scenes photos at almost every wedding and while I edit them right after the wedding, I usually don’t go back and look at them until the end of the year. This year, I decided to save the trip down memory lane for January. It seemed to make more sense to use this as a kick off to a new year of weddings instead of a wrap up from the prior year. Looking at these behind the scenes photos has me excited for all that 2023 has in store!

I am also thankful for Alexis, Kelly, Jessica, Taylor, Hailey, Ian, and Alina who assisted or worked as second photographers on various weddings during the year. Here’s a look back at what you didn’t see in 2022 one wedding at a time!

In 2022, we kicked the year off wearing masks…thank goodness we said goodbye to them by December!

We also kicked off the year with our sweet friend, Vicki, of Wed With Style. Vicki was the planner for my sister’s wedding in 2020 and she will always hold a special place in my family’s heart. Wedding days with her are always such a treat!

We also love weddings with Milestone Studios! They are so much fun to work with!
Grace and Connor had the best exit EVER!
We next headed to the beach for Katie and Jacob’s wedding!
For Him Films was the videographer on this wedding. It was our second time working together at two of the same venues we had on another wedding!
These ladies help me keep it together on wedding days!
The spring season was crazy busy!!! We zipped back and forth over the bay several times! Cara and Austin’s wedding day was quite cold…hence the lack of behind the scenes photos from this wedding!
I love weddings at Sacred Heart Chapel and we had the perfect amount of cloud cover for some beautiful portraits with the bay as the background at MaryClair and Hayden’s wedding.
Lauren killed it with this veil toss!
Jenna Laine Weddings is always so good about taking care of their brides! While we gathered the family portrait list, Jenna made sure MaryClair’s dress was perfectly fluffed!
Jenna also makes sure the sparklers are safely lit for the exit photo!
Regina is my right arm on a wedding day and a pro light-tester!
Alex and James were married at Government Street Presbyterian and I really enjoyed visiting this church for the first time! Best of all, the getting ready house next to the church had beautiful natural light.
I couldn’t get through detail photos efficiently without an assistant. Lauren helps make sure the details are prepped so I can move from one shot to the next. On this wedding, the dress kept closing the door to the cabinet so Lauren hid behind the dress to prop the door open! You would never know she was there in the final photo!
I loved working with Events Detailed on this wedding! Brooke made sure Alex’s dress was perfectly steamed before escorting her to the First Look location.
Lauren is always helping to take care of the bride’s gown, veil and flowers.
Regina is in charge of secondary angles, capturing details while I’m photographing the main portraits. Lauren often captures the behind the scenes shots!
We are also pros when it comes to bustling the dress!
At Emily and Brett’s wedding we were so excited to be back at St. Dominc’s! The getting ready room at this church has a huge window and lots of beautiful light!
Regina ran into a former teacher and my friend’s family served as the videographers!
Regina, Lauren and I are all Spring Hill College alumni so we love any chance we have to work on campus!
Taylor Patrick joined us for this wedding and it was so much fun working together! She is also the sweetest person ever!
I do not like to be the light-tester, but sometimes it does happen…
Jacquie Burkett was the planner for Kim and Kelly’s wedding and we always have a great time working together! We knew this balloon release, which was a tribute to Kim’s dad, would be an emotional moment so we tested the location beforehand to make sure it would photograph well.
Kaitlyn and Robbie’s wedding marked our second in a row at St. Joseph Chapel! We also loved this house they rented for getting ready the morning of the wedding because it had great natural light! We simply hid all the things hanging on the wall from our photos (except in these behind the scenes shots)!
We worked with some wonderful videographers this year!
Every bride who wears a veil needs at least one veil toss photo!
Kelly and Joey had such a fun wedding day! I was excited to have Alexis shooting alongside me once again and thankful to my friend Hailey for assisting. Regina and Lauren were both graduating the weekend of this wedding!
Amber and Christian’s wedding brought us back to Little Point Clear again!
Noble Events is so good about documenting behind the scenes in her Instagram stories! I always enjoy checking out what she captured at the end of a wedding day!
Light testing for the exit and dreaming about how great it’s going to feel to shower after a super hot wedding day…in my mind this is what is going through Lauren’s mind because this was a very hot wedding day!
Both Regina and Alexis traveled with me to Texas to photograph my cousin’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend. I am still in awe of how perfect this weekend was and so thankful to my dear friends for second and third shooting so that I could capture the day and enjoy the reception. I will never forget how special it was to share this experience with sweet friends. After this wedding, Alexis moved back to India (yes, as in halfway around the world!) and we miss her so much!
This was also a very hot day and I’m pretty sure Regina nearly got dehydrated even though she was clearly drinking water!
This is me using the tree to remind myself that I can’t take one more step back!
For Zelda and Graham’s wedding I was back at my own church, which is always a treat, but this location isn’t without it’s portrait challenges…especially when it comes to taking portraits outside mid-day.
Lauren is always hiding somewhere…there’s no telling how many portraits she’s in where you can’t actually see that she’s there!
This green space saved the day!!! Side note, these shrubs have since been removed. I’m thankful they were there when I needed them for a private First Look location!
This spot did require some housekeeping…thankfully a broom just happened to be available.
Kelly joined us for a few weddings last year and I was delighted to have her with us on some weddings this year too!
We were also reunited with Jenna Laine Weddings for Caroline and Thomas’s wedding at the Grand Hotel!
There was a major heatwave the weekend of this wedding…hence the need for a true entourage! We all managed to stay hydrated and cool thanks to venues that had indoor portrait areas with ample natural light!
We also ran into Rae Leytham on this wedding, which was so much fun!
Jenna and Katie are some of our favorite people! We love wedding days with them!
It was a rainy day on the bay for Margaret and Pat’s wedding, but these two were so laid back and easy-going that we were able to slip out for photos each time the rain paused and get awesome bayside portraits!
Rain + Heat + Multiple Venues = the need for extra help! So thankful Kelly joined us on this day!
Sarah and Dan’s wedding brought us back to Spring Hill College and teamed us up with Milestone Studios once again!
Regina running out of my shot because we had like two minutes to capture the scene at the reception before guests arrived!
Y’all, meet Ian. Also known as Regina’s boyfriend. Also known as the kindest soul. Also known as a master at the veil toss! Monica and Nhan’s wedding involved so many venues that I knew Regina would need an assistant with her and I would need an assistant with me. This was his first wedding day with us, but hopefully it’s not the last!
Y’all, we attempted this shot just one time and he nailed it with that toss! Yes, I Photoshopped him out of the final photo.
Sitting down for two minutes to eat food as fast as possible gives us a second wind!
Erin and Austin chose the same two venues my sister chose for her wedding day! I’ll always love the combo of The Steeple and the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception!
We headed into November knowing the season was in it’s home stretch! I was excited to be back at Corpus Christi for Jessica and Kevin’s wedding!
This was also the first of three weddings in a row with our friends at Bella Victoria Events! We love working with Tori and her team!
Two weeks in a row we had a bride named Jessica, we were at Spring Hill College for part of the day AND we were working with Bella Victoria Events! Talk about a mental challenge to keep everything straight! Jessica and Harry trusted me big time when it came to navigating locations on a rainy day, especially when it came to me squeezing between two columns for their First Look!
Hannah is always so good to us when we are photographing weddings at St. Joseph Chapel! She and Tori were also kind enough to serve as light testers when Lauren and Regina were getting gear ready for the ceremony.
I also got to put my sewing skills to use on this day!
This was the last wedding of the year with Regina and Lauren, but I still had one more to go on my calendar!
Kelly was back with us for Katy and Mikey’s wedding, which was so much fun because she, Regina, Katy and I are all McGill-Toolen Catholic alumni! We knew so many people at this wedding and it was such a fantastic day! It was the perfect ending to an amazing year of weddings!
Regina nailing it with a perfect veil toss!
And just like that we made it through 2022!
I’m looking forward to another wonderful year of weddings in 2023!

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